Hopeful: 2017 In Good Health


Lying in bed
Partially propped up to
Hopefully cut coughing,
A dry hacking ferocity
At night.

Unable to sleep,
The later it gets
The more wicked the tickling becomes.

Sickness overtook me
Somehow in Mexico
An unwelcome and
Untimely surprise.

Returned to the US now,
Coughing lingers
Rivaling that of an asthmatic
Or a smoker.

Energy and life force draining,
I think back to
Possible inception points.

New Year’s Eve
Extended family
Sprawling about a
Titled outdoor porch
Curtains swaying softly
Balmy wind kisses.

Guacamole, margaritas and chips
Devoured long ago,
Younger cousins
Fresh off planes remain
Good natured even though
The night’s meal
Times out in
Inchworm increments.

Casual but mounting
Tension floats over
How long the cook is taking
To hand make
Fried tortillas
For the fish tacos, salad,
Beans, rice, Flan.

Clock hands
Slide past 9 o’clock pm.
“How much longer?”
Parents quietly ask in Korean
Though they don’t have to

This holiday meal preparation,
For hard charging
Early bird US Americans
Feels like eternity.

We finally eat,
Enjoy, yes,
While also secretly
Wondering quite what the
Big deal was.

The flan
A jiggly square of
Caramelized heaven
Still has to set for
Another hour and remains
Untouched that night.

By 11:30 pm
A sort of harrowed
Exhaustion overtakes me.
I never do ring in
The new year.
Many of us didn’t.

I retire to a sizable
Converted storage area,
Now a bedroom,
To soak up air
Dark and Heavy with
Mold spores to
Power my dreams.



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