Infinite: American Perspectives on Resources


Stepping outside the usual
‘Doings’ landscape
I see how US
Americans differ
From others living and working

We view resources as
And spend accordingly.
Paper, cheap food, water
Always available in huge quantities
Use what you want
More than we need
Toss the rest.

In Mexico
There is less
Of everything.
Less paper
Floats about.
Access to Toilet paper squares
Requires payment to an
Individual sitting outside the
Bathroom, working.
After paying,
You consume what she gives you
No more.

Coffee filters…
Many locals don’t use,
Are scarce.
Are they really $10 US
For a small pack?

Napkins at local restaurants
In smaller towns,
Often not in dispensers for
Everyone to grab,
Thinly distributed
And are to be used

The cook who came to the house
Delivered pork and chicken
Tamales, still warm,
In a small
Styrofoam cooler
Which she wanted back
To reuse for future deliveries to
Other customers.

Such are the ways of
Other people in other places
Observed and noted.


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