Tempted: Sunny Sides Up


Darkness spans earlier morning.
Mexican Heat
Heavy wet blanket soon to
Cloth skin
Moist and expectant
Pare and peel down my days
A rudimentary guestimation of
Time passage
Except where excursion pickup beginnings and
Endings are concerned.

Sitting under shade
Outside seating
Of a tiled house
Airy essence
Not a lot transpires today
Or ever will, maybe.

Card games
Pastries and coffee
Outdoor pool dips

More eating.

Fish flaking inside
Fresh corn tortillas still warm
Local, creamy cheese
Sprinkled on top
Lightly only.
Two eggs
Salsa and bean drenched

Chilled white wine
Sipped with parents during
Cooled relief.

Slower paced living
Frustrates and may
Tempt us to wring hands but
Such is luxury of
So unusual,
Devoid of certainty.
Accomplishments defined through
Essence seeped out
Drop by drop.

That’s the way of things here…


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