Abide: Getting to Work Ontine.

7:15 am
My soul drags over coffee
Bowled oatmeal.
Work today again outside in snow
Wind and rain.

I should work out
Glide my body through water
Stretch n move.
Good health and
A bit of solitude.
Not today, no time.
Just like yesterday and
The day before.
Working almost everyday in December
Before Xmas.


I want to inhale the holiday spirit
With Full bodied zeal
Reserved for suburbanite homemakers
Though I live centrally.

Happiness, older children still
Home one last year,
Candlelight dinners in,
Dining out
Bright lights, ugly sweaters,
Cookie swaps, gift giving,
Card sending
I’m thinking of you although
You are far.

Oh, and remember to look
Beautiful every day.
Fur, rich hair freshly darkened,
Nails done, glowing clean skin…

Thus, in light of my jaded green
Ambitions I feel having at least
Some money during the season
Is paramount.

So I abide by a ridiculously
Struxt schedule to get to
Work on time.


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