Gone: 362 Days Left to Make the Most of…

3 days gone
362 to go.
Sun sick in Mexico
So Lucky.

Salted beach gravels my feet.
Consuming waves lap me
Leaving my skin limp.
Heat rays strong with southern fury
Brown me to a crisp.

Overused ocean minutes turn into
Sizzling hours
Wrecking me.

A weapon here
Depletes my body of energy
Leaving my face tinged
Blistered Melancholy.

Dried out from
Overheated cobblestones
Set down steep streets
I wait my turn
To be served last.
Mealy corn
Like cotton balls
Fill my mouth
Upset my stomach.

I seek ways to enliven myself
During this family trip
But also for the 2017 year.

How can I embrace
Joy and appreciation more?

So many Ice cream absent days
Clouded over
Make me ponder life’s worth.

But no.
How can Joy fragments
Be thimbled out from
Moments pulled apart by
Life’s molded dust and rust
For me to still be able to
See sheen and gloss?

Certain answers are
Already familiar.

Learn to live in the present.

Compliment people more and accept compliments yourself.

Reach out to people in your life by
Being the first one to be kind.

Advice so true
So integral
An old running shoe
That I come to forget
And question its authenticity.

So my search continues
To find
The perfect gratitude book
To uncover the most
Inspiring activity journals
Drawing, collecting
Scavengering to new
Heights and feats

As if
The secret to
Happiness is surely there.



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