Liminal: What I Do to Greet the Sun

Only 8:21 am.
Been up awhile now
Edgy, amid liminal minutes
Between yesterday and today.
Skittering nerves
Preclude further sleep.

But I am well enough
And glad
I am healthy.

Morning elves beckon
“Get up, Make this day count!”
So, in the cheery light of
Christmas tree glow
In an otherwise dark space,
I obliged.

I paid bills.
I cleaned the kitchen, somewhat.
Got to do those things now and then.

I rescued 2 dying fruit
To bake marbled banana bread.
Using organic cocoa powder
From Costa Rica
The bread was successful
Even though I had insufficient milk

I delved into reconnection
And started writing holiday wishes.
Why not.
I was thinking of you
Had a card on hand
And wanted to say hello,
How are you?


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