Scorched: Ashes that Some Leave

I wished that I wished
Everyone well
As we all proceed down
Vast universe highways
Doing the best we can.

But I don’t.

Ill thoughts about past
Fumbled relationships
Come, unbidden
Pointless as trying to
Quench thirst by
Dipping into an empty pitcher.

Lemonade can be hard to come by
Bitter rinds squeezed dry
Situations mangled and twisted
Beyond decency’s recognition
Leaving crumpled, scorched leaves
Blackened dust now.

Sometimes, your past ways
Knife into me
Spiking my heartbeat
Angry pitter patters to


Threadbare social skills
Thorns, claws, weapons.
Tearing me down
Ripping out family
Bone marrow structure.

All for cheap paperlit fire
Ablaze, a blinding flash
That died and
Left only
Wasted time.

Time’s supposed to heal
It helps,
But Still.
Sometimes your faceless words

Your intensity for picking at
My perceived inadequacies.
Always displeased about
Something I did or
Failed to do
Not good enough.

Never again.


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