Aromatic: Petals to Say Goodbye

Folks hop off jetted wings.
Tomorrow we join families
Our first set of holidays
Without you.

Body infiltrated with cancer
A marvelously well lived and
Outlived predicted life span by 10+ years
You Iron willed yourself to survive
Through Christmas but
Finally had to leave us last February.

At the funeral home
Most succulent blooms surround you
Lying there
So still
So peaceful
Now, pain free,
At last,
To send you off
With luscious rainbow kisses
So Aromatic
A noteworthy Opulence.

Graveside, one bouquet,
Magnificent in its solitude
Goes down into the ground with you.
I watch with paralysis
As shovels of dirt
Cover and then choke delicate pedals

Time marches.
Children learn to drive stick shift.
They pin hopes and dreams
Upon burgeoning adulthood
They make college plans
Attend homecoming
Celebrate birthdays.

I smile because my heart brims over as
They grow.
I come to know their pungent senses of humor
And personal styles.

Simultaneously, I ache because
You and Carol cannot see how
Most minutes spent with them
End up being
Unfolding jeweled blossoms
Of discovery
To the people they are becoming.

I wish you could see.
I wish you could know.

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