Percolate: Coffee Shop Minutes

Not the coffee shop type
Sitting around “working” in
Jazz afternoon minutes
I’m here today, nonetheless,
Amid the season’s first snow
Dotting the cityscape with
Large crystal softness
Wet and confident in an
Unforeseen sureity

Maybe I could stay here forever
Abstract and anonymous
In peaceful caffeinated perfection.

Here, someone asks,
“What would you like today?”
And leaves me be.

Here, no one asks,
“Could you…?”
“Can I have..?”

Chai tea packs a serious punch
Leaving me in a kind of
Timeless percolated haze
Where I can sit back
In an odd state of
Paused Zen with
Vague hope
I can make my life work out
For the better.

Windows of opportunity
Old Times and ties to cherish
Panes blurring
Whole family histories.
The luster of
New family?

A jumbled jig saw
Yesterdays and tomorrows
Float in my cup
Dangling simmering promises
Angled randomly


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