Relish: Falling Forward

Clock hands turned back
A relish seasoning
Culminate fall
Make morning people giddy.

Day’s entangled mesh
Stretches out and onward.
Paths to navigate

But first,
In ambiguous pre-history
I inhale
The scent of my aroma
The lines of my own shaped essence
Flowing freely

Before teens emerge
Smiling wryly
Hands held out for money, approval
Prior to prematurely aging men
Limping from slumber
Foraging for hot plates, attention

Here, there is Time and Place
For me.
A glass orb
Delicacy worth savoring
Not gobbled down without tasting
Well being.

Quiet, yawning considerations
Memories, ideas,
Insights, plans
Combust in full color
Happily, swimmingly.



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