Stylish: Introvert Stepping out in Life

Time and robust health.
Oblong wispy gold
Run through my fingers.
I possess both, I’m lucky.

Actually introverted
My inner self is most comfortable
Remaining inside my own dark, cool shell
Among puzzles, audio books, cooking.
The familiar.

10-16-16 fantasy gardem.jpg

Still, I possess a zest
Of curiosity
To get up
Get stylish and
Get myself out there and
By breathing in new
Artistic, cultural
Experience that
My need to add sparkle to
Dusty routines.


I seek audacious glass blown beauty
Wondrously delicate
Masses of swirl.
Wealthy wood carvings
Massive, mechanical
Maniacal in conception and execution.
Intersection of line, color, texture
Melding and juxtaposition


I’m no expert.
Still, serious joy abounds
Holding a wine glass
While considering
Unconventional traffic jams.


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