Hardly Original: A Lucky List

Hardly original
I ponder a few small ways
In my day today for which
I’m Lucky

To make myself see positive
While teetering on the brink
Falling into negative abyss
Unreasonable despair.

– Money arrived in the mail to deposit.

In a variable, capricious industry with constant changes and little loyalty,
Money does not always regularly come my way
So I appreciate the “Thank you” when it does.

– My water bill payment was due today
So I paid on time, not late, after all.

– I had another decent night’s sleep:
So what?

We don’t always realize how lucky we are when certain areas of life flow easily.

Apparently, numerous people struggle with getting enough sleep.

The ability to fall asleep quickly and remain asleep is something I’ve got down well.
I drift off and am able to get at LEAST 6 hard hours of sleep almost every night.
Most mornings, I wake up sufficiently refreshed.

Beautiful, cooler fall weather enables me to wear a new outfit, complete with high, over the knee boots.

Superficial, admittedly, this item still gives me a positive feeling and something to look forward to–getting dressed!

That is all for now.
What’s on your Lucky list today?
I’d love for you to share.



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