Careful: Letting Teens Go…

College campus visit
Fall weather glory
Flatters every academic angle
Colors social nuance with warm glow
Makes this choice within the possible.

Bikes line building entrances
Amid mish mash architecture
Learning and growing.

1800’s stone cathedrals and tutors
Impose their stately Grace.
Mixed in, flat, long 1970’s burrows to
House eager minds
Burning midnight oil.

New landmark fitness center
Complete with skating arena
Indoor pool
Encourage students to
Move their bodies
To breathe healthy life beyond screens
Laced coffees, worn books
Office hours, stained notes.

Careful silence
An intentioned neutrality.
I already had my time
Of library research jubilation
Of Intense scholarship and
Social and academic exploration.
I have to let her chose
Her own way.



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