Dilemma: Sickening “Well”

Some sicken well
Scheduling and attending
Doctor appointments
Following through with therapy exercises
Filling and swallowing pills
Swinging between handholds of
Woozy relief
Abject muscle wobbliness

Day by day
Every day.

Amid swirling mental drain
Anxiety about the when and how of endings
White physical pain snowstorms
Bodies thrown lopsided in
A twisted dilemma.

They keep strong, mostly
Inform family
Accept help
Without clutching onto anyone
While proactively listening
Seeking common sense solutions and
Sideways suggestions that
May not arrive
Plated in set medical menus
But Exist.

Others sicken poorly
Assume weight gain is inevitable
Resign themselves to a half lived life
Flattened and bottled up by backache
Fatigue, weakness

The healthy love to offer.
They want to share and help
And suggest Best ways of Being
Hinging upon concentrated will power
Measured progress.

The healthy become impatient and
Frustrated by the Sick’s lack of

How will you and I sicken
And what will we be like?



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