Generous: Successful People

What is your dream job?

Becoming a Writer.

If I were, I’d have chicken and root vegetables roasting in the oven while sitting at home learning and dreaming about new things, historical, future or fantastic time periods, places, foods and people amid fascinating scenarios.

If I were, I’d wrestle and tame thoughts to pen in ways that are true to myself and also delight others.

Feeling mentally bland, bloated and alone in some kind of inarticulate “loser, wannabe writer” status, I wonder where on earth do people get their ideas??

“Many people THINK they want to be writers but don’t really want to do what it takes,” the Editor and Chief of a popular local magazine once told me while our kids played soccer.

Likely, true, what does “doing what it takes” mean?

“A writer writes,” is a common saying. In her book, Grapes of Roth, Claire Bloom described author Phillip Roth as ultra disciplined–that he possessed a sort of iron will (my words) to write every single day.

Even though I have little idea about where I want to go with my writing and have none whatsoever about how to get there, I do know that I want to progress.

And, If I want positive changes, I need to commit to writing daily, however uninspired, which I haven’t done thus far.

“A writer reads,” someone told me and a group of friends.

In our early 20’s then, we were busy enjoying fondue over candlelight right at that moment. This person was generous with good advice because, well, his own cup floweth over with talent. After graduating from Yale, this “someone” went on to become an editor for the Village Voice and a well known published writer.

“I love writing because of the way it makes me feel and the person I am when I’m writing,” a cheerful acquaintance commented the other day while we hiked.

I respect and admire that viewpoint. I admit though that somehow, writing for myself alone does not feel sufficient. I must desire more.

…I just don’t know how to get there.



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