Expert: Coffee, Please!

brevillw“Write about what you know.”

In the interest of challenging myself to deviate from my more common, “comfortable” topics, like how anxiety, depression and ambivalence for living hammer me, I decided to write about an area of enjoyed expertise,

Coffee drinking.

A Jill of nothing that’s considered economically useful, I can say that I am a pro coffee drinker:

– Swirl plenty of hot milk into a two-handed mug.
– Let the espresso machine run, loud and clear, over NPR’s “Morning Edition” and other conversation, if there is any.
– Watch with delight as beautiful black gold pours over milk.
– Stir with a warmed spoon to combine.
– Take small sips. 
– Consider and evaluate the length of finish, the notes of bittersweet caramelity.

– Repeat right away and again later for a magic pick-me-up.

Coffee, defines sunrise–new hopeful beginnings, smooths raw conversations, develops relationships, softens endings,

And is life.



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