Re-Learning: Just Write!

Idaho sunshine–family light
Encapsulates me in
Early August shimmer.
Sister, parents, cousins, dogs.
Cold river swimming,
Huckleberry ice cream waffle cones

Summer’s American Dream
Reconsidered, Korean style.

Fingers through wind whipped hair
Breathing paper thin air
Climbing, scrambling up steep rock
A long, steep incline
To arrive at the summit’s
14,000 feet of elevation.

Returning home
Sick spouse, always needing.
School supply shopping.
New work experiences
Healthy stretching.

I’ve been away.
A lapsed membership
Writing muscles stiff from inactivity
Slightly flabby
Twitch in memory.
Holding the pen now,
A wakeup call to relearn
This dance’s joyous steps.



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