Complicated Tasting Menu Commentary

Tonight I had one of the best meals of my life–a 7 course, chef designed tasting menu made from farm-to-table fresh ingredients that was expertly paired with international and local wines.

It’s not everyday that dinner starts with a scallop ceviche swimming in a swirl of avocado purée paired with a Spanish bubbly

The salmon belly, with its crispy fatty skin, that followed was to die for.

Third came froi gras tossed with thinly sliced green apple wedges on a bed of smoky almond shavings paired with a sweet Hungarian wine.

Fourth came a small but substantial pork sausage with eggplant purée paired with a Tuscan red. The server said the sausage came from pigs he raised himself.

Next we ate striped sea bass on a bed of squash risotto. The skin, also crispy and rich, was excellent. That came paired with a chilled French Sauvignon Blanc.

Starting to be quite satiated, I tasted the lightly salted beef tenderloin with aus jus anyway. I could not drink all my Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec red blend by then.

I was too full to eat the seventh course which was a quarter quail stuffed with lamb sausage paired with Cotes de Rhone.

A huge dessert fan, I saved a bit Of room for the deep dark chocolate cake nestled atop cream n sage ice cream. Somehow, I managed to drink the Italian Moscato pairing.

Beautiful knowledgeable service paired with flavorful creative food and wine, I call this complicated dining experience “good”.




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