A Luxury: Feeling Good

Flight attendants point to the place
Masks descend.
They kindly demonstrate
Should we need breathing lessons.

My heart tepid in
Stonewash disco flash.
Pigeons jerk
Sensing danger
Take flight in droves
Leaving me gasping for air.

Paws pitter patter on concrete
Quick successive second guessing
Step taking
Decision making.
Miniature dog runs frantically.
Huffing and puffing
Short breaths to
Keep up with biker.

I hope my children like me and
Will remain close.
How will I find my way through tomorrow?
Through next week?
Through the coming year?

“Happiness is a choice”.
I agree.
Spotting luxurious grape vines hanging
Way high, over the fence line
I want to eat oxygenated
Fruits of a life well lived.

I’m still jumping.



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