Paint: New Coat for Living Life

“Give your furniture a second life with DIY painting projects.”

Prime, sand, revitalize
A different color and tone
A changed outlook to
Good idea…

Make the second half
Of 2016 count
Here and now
Take life surfing
Sunbeam horns
Moonlit crests
Rainbow elixirs of consciousness

Celebrate eccentricity
Ginormous Nonconformity
Know me again.

Catapult me into a
Meaningful existence
Unclocked emotions

Substantial dream juxtapositions
Experiential body gorging
Bone marrow Love creating
Preposterous mind code breaking

Imperfect earth spiced gratitude
Aromatic joy savoring
Respecting sorrow.

Newer times
Salt brine smiles
Meaty thoughts

Can I see, seize
Jar and prize you?



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