Clocks: Ruthless Mismatch

Your profile
Strong chin outlined in theater dark.
Heart beating large
Swims in a deep well of
Mottled sweetness.

Jump ahead past hard to follow rabbit trails to 
Laid asphalt
Our burn of tires.

We met so late.
I took so long.

You only had so much time before
Your family’s criminal surfaced to
Pilfer your mind
A ruthless robber.
The sorrow of mismatched clocks.
Happiness and tears.

Sitting with you daily
Small frame hunched over
Eyes, piercing lances
Soft now, still so sweet
Just more blank

Reveal Swiss cheese holes
Missing memory puzzle pieces
Slabs of reality falling away
A patchy landscape.

“Wonderful to see you. It’s been so long.”

Bankrupt for words
I lay hands

Rubbing your arms and legs
Running my fingers up and down your spine
Light pressure, vibrant energy notes.
You always loved my touch.
You said I had a gift.

Palms and fingers warming you
Search to find where you still might be.

Somewhere inside
Even if you’re unable to juxtapose words
In ways that make sense
I believe you still know me

I believe that my motions still
Reach you
Where ever you are.



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