Witness: My Own Self Protection Program

Some days witnessing
My imagery in a mirror
Feels terrible.

Cracked mold
Crumbly collisions of
Meaningless supposition.

Hag bound, bent over
A tangled mess.
Gagged, bindfolded from
Gifts, good luck

Neurons lying limp
Have nowhere good to traverse.

Primed to push that button
To explode ugliness
An eternity that never begins
Excessive black holes
Always repeating.

One day my writing will cease
To focus on lines criss crossing
Ghost oceans,
Unlived epileptic episodes

And will reflect other moments.
Children, sunlit Joys

Blanket wrapped security
Of knowing strength in numbers.
My fulfillment floweth over.

Surely, some day.



Fierce: An overrated Affair

Rainy eveningYesterday, clouds spilled over
Flashing bright streaks
Split the sky
Opening up to pour down
Animal rain.

Today promises the same.
Fall, truncated days,
Apples, crisp harvest,
Seeps in.

Everyone loves summer.
For adults,
An overrated affair.

Weeks begin and end with
Blonde sunshine
Smiling hotly
Morphing light speed into
Relentless exclamations.
Attention diva
Marking consecutive days
An unwanted dominance.

Hours spent outside working.
Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
Still burning.
Sweating it out at
Some overdrawn festival.

Standing upon concrete
A baking so fierce
Rubber sneaker bottoms
Begin to soften and stick.
Proceed anyway.

Seasonal gluttony
Sticker shock aftermath



Vice: Heroes Don’t Exist

Bored and decrepit
My fingers excel at
Making you weep and
Ooze with ache.
Extracting imagery

Touching upon a void
Pale in dryness
Intricately woven
Amid imminent fall grasses
Whispered magnificence
Bright starlight.

How many days pass
Back and forth
Secret tennis
For the ages
Mining excellence
Opening emotional doors
Unfolding Chairs

Head in a vice, eventually,
If you try.
Stones in soup
Meat and bones
Grind to a halt.
Bite down
Break a tooth.

I steal a piece of you
Eat and drink colossally
Many drops of liquid soul
To keep the flavor
And remember


Re-Learning: Just Write!

Idaho sunshine–family light
Encapsulates me in
Early August shimmer.
Sister, parents, cousins, dogs.
Cold river swimming,
Huckleberry ice cream waffle cones

Summer’s American Dream
Reconsidered, Korean style.

Fingers through wind whipped hair
Breathing paper thin air
Climbing, scrambling up steep rock
A long, steep incline
To arrive at the summit’s
14,000 feet of elevation.

Returning home
Sick spouse, always needing.
School supply shopping.
New work experiences
Healthy stretching.

I’ve been away.
A lapsed membership
Writing muscles stiff from inactivity
Slightly flabby
Twitch in memory.
Holding the pen now,
A wakeup call to relearn
This dance’s joyous steps.


Complicated Tasting Menu Commentary

Tonight I had one of the best meals of my life–a 7 course, chef designed tasting menu made from farm-to-table fresh ingredients that was expertly paired with international and local wines.

It’s not everyday that dinner starts with a scallop ceviche swimming in a swirl of avocado purée paired with a Spanish bubbly

The salmon belly, with its crispy fatty skin, that followed was to die for.

Third came froi gras tossed with thinly sliced green apple wedges on a bed of smoky almond shavings paired with a sweet Hungarian wine.

Fourth came a small but substantial pork sausage with eggplant purée paired with a Tuscan red. The server said the sausage came from pigs he raised himself.

Next we ate striped sea bass on a bed of squash risotto. The skin, also crispy and rich, was excellent. That came paired with a chilled French Sauvignon Blanc.

Starting to be quite satiated, I tasted the lightly salted beef tenderloin with aus jus anyway. I could not drink all my Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec red blend by then.

I was too full to eat the seventh course which was a quarter quail stuffed with lamb sausage paired with Cotes de Rhone.

A huge dessert fan, I saved a bit Of room for the deep dark chocolate cake nestled atop cream n sage ice cream. Somehow, I managed to drink the Italian Moscato pairing.

Beautiful knowledgeable service paired with flavorful creative food and wine, I call this complicated dining experience “good”.




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A Luxury: Feeling Good

Flight attendants point to the place
Masks descend.
They kindly demonstrate
Should we need breathing lessons.

My heart tepid in
Stonewash disco flash.
Pigeons jerk
Sensing danger
Take flight in droves
Leaving me gasping for air.

Paws pitter patter on concrete
Quick successive second guessing
Step taking
Decision making.
Miniature dog runs frantically.
Huffing and puffing
Short breaths to
Keep up with biker.

I hope my children like me and
Will remain close.
How will I find my way through tomorrow?
Through next week?
Through the coming year?

“Happiness is a choice”.
I agree.
Spotting luxurious grape vines hanging
Way high, over the fence line
I want to eat oxygenated
Fruits of a life well lived.

I’m still jumping.


Muse: Food and Overeating

A jumbo-sized Nutella jar awaits.
Countertop callings.
Seal pierced with
An urgency worthy of fighting fires.
Cream amity
Purity spooned in bites
Reality hangs between swallows
Of threadbare Sanity

Spirited brain spike
Almost painful
Brings upon warm angularity
A genuine laugh with
Someone who cares.

Tongue devastation
Blights the world
Aflame with colossal
Hazelnut calamities
A miracle gastronomic mile
Stretched beyond recognition.

After some overdue point
Fines must be payed
In bloated dollars that make
No cellulite cents.

“Why are you like that?”

I muse upon this lifelong habit
Itching my back
Unable to draw
Resolution or


Paint: New Coat for Living Life

“Give your furniture a second life with DIY painting projects.”

Prime, sand, revitalize
A different color and tone
A changed outlook to
Good idea…

Make the second half
Of 2016 count
Here and now
Take life surfing
Sunbeam horns
Moonlit crests
Rainbow elixirs of consciousness

Celebrate eccentricity
Ginormous Nonconformity
Know me again.

Catapult me into a
Meaningful existence
Unclocked emotions

Substantial dream juxtapositions
Experiential body gorging
Bone marrow Love creating
Preposterous mind code breaking

Imperfect earth spiced gratitude
Aromatic joy savoring
Respecting sorrow.

Newer times
Salt brine smiles
Meaty thoughts

Can I see, seize
Jar and prize you?


Stubborn: Holding Onto Me Leads Elsewhere

Mostly alone
A square flat nail in a
round holed world
A few people still
Hold onto me
Spreading a love onto me
I don’t deserve.

Lied, cheated, stole
Inside my soul
A bleak desert amounting to
Thorns, yesterday’s calamities

Home breaking
Bank shaking
Life taking
Smile faking.

Pillow arms
Skew the picture
A balance of good and evil
Upset because of stubborn clasps.

Jelly bellies press against my side
Thick fingers rub my hide.
Bearded dragon stares ride the ride

Pursuing routes so steady
I buckle under tomorrow’s
Stomach ache solitude
Charlie horse insomnia
Of best plans laid asunder.

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Clocks: Ruthless Mismatch

Your profile
Strong chin outlined in theater dark.
Heart beating large
Swims in a deep well of
Mottled sweetness.

Jump ahead past hard to follow rabbit trails to 
Laid asphalt
Our burn of tires.

We met so late.
I took so long.

You only had so much time before
Your family’s criminal surfaced to
Pilfer your mind
A ruthless robber.
The sorrow of mismatched clocks.
Happiness and tears.

Sitting with you daily
Small frame hunched over
Eyes, piercing lances
Soft now, still so sweet
Just more blank

Reveal Swiss cheese holes
Missing memory puzzle pieces
Slabs of reality falling away
A patchy landscape.

“Wonderful to see you. It’s been so long.”

Bankrupt for words
I lay hands

Rubbing your arms and legs
Running my fingers up and down your spine
Light pressure, vibrant energy notes.
You always loved my touch.
You said I had a gift.

Palms and fingers warming you
Search to find where you still might be.

Somewhere inside
Even if you’re unable to juxtapose words
In ways that make sense
I believe you still know me

I believe that my motions still
Reach you
Where ever you are.