Wind: Horses Saved My Life

“Look ahead, not down!”

Piano lesson and school grade free right now, atop a roly poly part Arabian bay, I’m in heaven.

Riding teacher speaks in a raised voice so that we hear her from afar through the wind. I lift my eyes. So hard to look forward. The majestic curve of neck, even a modest lesson horse’s, captivates. Coarse mane, available to grab during seconds preventing falls, bounces and whips in the breeze we create cantering.

I lose myself in the rhythm of stride underneath me. Power, agility, movement.

My soft hands excel holding a willing equine mouth. A contact, so balanced in the singular beauty of its unfolding, creates the lightest unspoken conversation.

I want to bottle the unparalleled passion of this moment in a jar to sniff later when I need to escape my teen life.



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