Unstoppable: The Aging Process

Life’s arc
curving up and outward
Rippling out days, years
Aging as we go
“Lifting as we climb”, hopefully.
But, even during uninspired
“Measured out in coffee spoon” moments
Unstoppable tick-tocks.

Looking sideways in mirrors
Corners of vision
Spot grey sprouts
Unwelcome weeds
Fills in follicles
Plucked, replucked.

Middle age brings benefits for the unlucky.

Angry acne juices starting to dry within
At last.
Sunken pits dot my face’s landscape
Marking war decades desperately fighting
Hydra enemy eradications
So militant, so strong, so endless.
So much puss squeezed
Leaving permanent reminders of
imperfect self extractions.

Less now.



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