Elusive: A Loved, True Self

Elusivity, my favorite mask
With other human beings.
Feathered, sequined conversation
Questions for others to answer
Decorate, distract, entertain and
Obscure windows into my own

With family
Disengagement also works.
A cape of flowing reticence
Noncommittal abstractions
Encourage redirection towards
Someone else, anyone else.

Elaborate costumery
Lavish plumage, my protection
So useful
So costly too.

Needles and pins holding things up
Pierce deeply, coagulating my
bloodstream’s desire
Blocking true Self
Leaving arid bones
Brittle to probing

“What do I want?”

Crumble to dust upon touch.

Deafening internal chaos
Zig zagged, multi-pronged
Cloud hugging wishes
Hope, self love,



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