Unpredictable, that’s what you are…

Fingers upon metal
Tugging at seams

Who knows what will spill out
When unzipping jumbled words from
Anonymous body bags?

Butterflies flint from ash
A burst of color and hope
Lift me to curved lightness.

In those moments,
Broad intoxicated strokes of being
I love and am grateful for haloed


Then again,

Cockroaches scuttle.
Spiked trajectories
Clawed infestations of obsession
Feed on grudges
Memories gutted beyond recognition

Bloated by maggots
Unbeckoned, uninvited
Writhe to surface
Cutting twisted emotion
Jaggedly duplicitous.

Daily word prompts.
Ziz zagged expression from otherwise
Unlined faces
Invisibly breathing
Dying untimely deaths.



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