Aimless: Droplets of Liberal Arts Wealth


Each day
Paged creases to fold.
Apply, work, pay, consume, sip,
Smile at older children

Another day.
Moments expressions
Flattened by dulled pathology and

Life ladled to skim the top
Spooning knee-jerk interaction
Flaccid lexicology.

A seal moving through water
Slippery with salty ecology
Floating thoughts
Pepper my stroke.

Reaching Back
I consider Red Wheelbarrows
Plums, Apple-Picking,
“Palm[s] at the end of the mind”.

Others hand-held my fingers more
To scrape behind eyeballs
Pained analysis

Still. Yeats LPs, scratchy.
Dubliners, Frost, Plath.

“Papers by midnight.”
“Where do you live?”

Unasked, one word beckons.



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