Cowardice: Smaug Concedes

Leverback, omega, click-top backings.
Gold Tone, Plated, Filled “over resin,” Solid.

What’s a cowardly Smaug to do but lust for
Piles of glimmer?

10, 14, 24K…

Nothing to buy, never sell, rarely wear.
In a cave of Self
Cragged, unpredictable bric-a brac
Gloating, inspecting, turning
Pieces round and round to
Catch light from windows
So preciously solitary.

Hunched over, hours pass
Pondering the price and
Quality of gems, minerals, metals
A “geologist” gone AWOL.

Distraction, procrastination
Nervous obsession
A purity heretofore unseen by mankind.
Online window shopping experiences
Prove infinite, indefinite
Without requiring a single step or
Intentioned move


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