Glass: Life Refracted

Fam portrait in book

Translucence warped.
Bell jar diffuses vision
Curving, bending prisms.
Behind glass I see people outside
Move. Make decisions.

I sit here stoned, soiled, rooted.
A plant canned.
Leaves, yellowing
Press up against immobility, fear, uncertainty.
Can life live without them?

Inward. Humid. Safe.

I've begun to use pencils again to
Fashion fantasy.
Ancient expression reborn
Fingertips touch upon abandoned wells.
Blank paper, a new day
Nourishment. Control. Humanity.

Hours. A train on schedule.

Opportunities present.
Platters shimmer, golden light.
Plates, cracked but usable.
Forked, I crack my knuckles
And do Nothing

Except admire my own








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