False: The “Facebook Life”

beautfiul cake n shake

Use every minute.
Eat artistic food.
Pair life with robust coffee, complex varietals. 

Write simultaneously ecstatic, hilarious, hopeful, grateful and reflective posts. 
Rise early. Say good morning by 6 am. 
Workout, hike, train and post half marathon victories. 
Resculpt your image every day. 
Clean, organize, have life TOGETHER.
Work a LOT, earn, snag swag, SMILE.

Play hard, preferably combined with work, so all expenses paid.
Please, tell us that. 
Encounter jagged mountain peaks, roaring waterfalls with Dog. 
Meet someone famous. 

Portray flimsy "Facebook moments"
Toothy nails on chalkboards
So false, so tiresome. 
I concoct my own putrid cardboard cities. 



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