Darkness: Is there anybody out there?

Grafiti mobile


Eyes flutter open.

I lay here in darkness.

Exhaled snores decimate forests

Leaving dwellers with little air.

Mold and mildew grasp night’s tail end.


Dawn creeps

“On little cat feet.”

My best self.

Strongest now,  

My mind rallies

Releasing dream’s grip

Axing through anxiety’s cobwebs.


What will I accomplish today?

I am healthy. I am happy…Right?  

I can do anything…Can’t I?


I rise to move with day’s approach

“On silent haunches.”

Darkness in other rooms.

Still. So quiet. The day, an empty palette.  

An artist in residence.


Hot coffee with frothed milk, buttered toast.

I start here.  

That’s something.




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